Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspiration of a 7 yr. Old Passion

To achieve anything in life you must first and foremost see the goal or dream having been fulfilled (achieved) in your mind and then all will come into focus to achieved those dreams and goals. All the best to you all today going after your dreams.I believe perseverance is a gift...effort is the verb, the proof...that you have that gift.Achievement really does come when you 'add' them together, right?
My Blog this month is not about what  is important in my life but about what other's dream in their life. I look to a 7  yr old boy this month and a recent article I read in the newspaper.He had a 5 yr. brother who had been attacked by Cerebral palsy . He had no use of his body or could not even talk. He  found a way to communicate by using his smile and desire for his brother's dream to do something together. The  7 year brother entered them in a contest involving swimming, running and biking knowing, if they were to finish it was up to him. The mother had doubts, but found a way because she believed in  Conner who said  "They could do it " . Sometimes I wish I had the courage and faith to think the only thing that is unthinkable is worrying about leaving someone behind (mostly myself). We can all learn a lesson from a young boy who is wise well above his years of 7 saying "if I put effort into it and say I can , then I can"  and  Cayden can too-- Conner Young 7 yrs old. Read the article-this is my inspiration. I now believe I can.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Networking for Life: You’ve Got to Kiss A lot of Frogs

Networking for Life: You’ve Got to Kiss A lot of Frogs: "A good friend sent this to me today and I thought I’d pass it on… I took a some liberty to change one word in this bit – “sales” to “networ..."