Friday, November 4, 2011

I Was Your Customer

I was your customer
Becoming unemployed I now find myself walking into different organizations trying to sell myself, but at the same time I am also interviewing your company as a place I want to spend my future and my money (your customer) in your place of business. How I leave those interviews affects whether I remain your customer and How many more customers I take with me. So how did you do? Sorry some of you did not impress me, as I did not impress you. I recently received a credit card from one company-but the way I was treated after the interview led me to cut the credit card up, I will tell my friends, and family exactly why they should not shop there anymore. In this day and economy, can either of us afford to lose that many customers.

What I see- Who should I go to? Who is best able to help me with my problem? How much will it cost me? How do I know that you can help me?

To help me with my choice of which retailers to approach, I look, firstly, at your appearance: Your stores: Are they clean? Is the receptionist friendly? Does it "fit" my idea of what a business should look, feel like and smell like? I look at how your staff is dressed and how friendly they are when they see me nervously sitting in reception. Am I treated with respect and offered something to drink?

I see the recruiter I am going to interview with. How is he dressed? Do I get a good feeling about him from the way he walks and talks? Does he show confidence and is he friendly? I am nervous. When I walk into his office, I look around the room: Is it clean and orderly? Are there files all across his desk … an untidy desk is a sign of an untidy mind and … will my file be just another one lying on his desk? I am looking for signs of genuine interest and concern.

Add value
As far as I am concerned, all retailers offer the same type of service, so what makes me choose you? I am  impressed by your store and all the work put into your branding, advertising and brochures. I love the use of words such as "quality service", "excellence" and "Customer Care". All these fuzzy words give me the impression that you are focused on providing me with a quality service and my interest of a company I would be interested in working with. However, I caution you: At the moment of truth, if you fail to live up to the expectations created, your efforts will count for nothing. You have got me into your front door and I am prepared to spend my hard-earned money and the rest of my life with you, so now I want the best service, I want to experience the "added value' that you speak about… I demand a quality service. I want to hear why you are “THE BEST”

Remember this: I am a fickle customer or employee, as are your other customers and associates. If you promise me the moon and the stars, then I expect nothing less. I will remain your most loyal fan for so long as you give me what I want and what you have promised to deliver.

Funny thing, our relationship. When I am happy, I like to tell all my friends and family, even complete strangers. I like to share my good fortune with others and I know that I am the best marketing resource for my professional advisor. I will do anything to convince my friends to refer their business to them and I know that they will build life-long relations together. I do caution you again: While I am happy to promote you, if you fail me, I am also your worst marketing tool. I can take a few mistakes now and then … we are all human. The way you handle the mistakes will define you and our relationship. Make continuous mistakes and don't learn from them, I will look to leave you and begin to seek out a new professional advisor. I also have the habit to extol the bad experiences I encounter with friends and family and, I'm sure, they will think twice before using you.

Fail me
As your customer and employee, I hold the power of your future. You will have to work hard in everything you do to get me and my friends there. Make sure that the expectations you create in your marketing literature, you can meet. I do not like it when I am looked down upon or made to feel inferior. Tell me about your successes. I like to be associated with winners!
I like to be nice to people because - well, that's the way I am. I can ruin your business That’s why I can sit back and laugh when I see you spending all that money on marketing and advertising to get me back, when you could have kept me in the first place:

With a smile, a few kind words …a nice note.. a little service .Think about it.

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